Hulo! Hulo! Kawaikini has now become accredited for the next six years! July 1st, 2014 to June 30th, 2020  Read the Accreditation Letter


We envision a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and healthy community where the language, beliefs and practices of the indigenous people of Hawai‘i have become instinctive.

Kawaikini's core curriculum focuses on Hawaiian LANGUAGE AND CULTURE. Students in grades K-5 are immersed in the Hawaiian Language to the fullest extent possible during the day with formal English instruction beginning in the 5th grade for one hour per day. During grades 6-12, our students receive approximately half of their instruction in the medium of the English language, allowing the students at Kawaikini to become BILINGUAL in both English and Hawaiian languages.

Kawaikini's program promotes a multi-faceted learning environment. It immerses the students in the language, VALUES AND TRADITIONS of Hawaiian culture and fosters an increased level of hands-on experiential learning. This innovative approach of project-based learning is among the most effective types of linguistic programs available in the U.S. and is FREE to Kaua'i students.

The program also allows PARENTS to take an active role in their child's education by participating in Hawaiian language classes, developing individualized family goals, as well as attending meetings and school events. This results in accelerated learning for each student due to increased parental involvement. In addition, Kawaikini's exceptional academic standards and ACCOUNTABILITY ensure that its students — our future leaders — are endowed with diverse wisdom and perspective.
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